• Image of Muhammad Ali

The legend and icon Muhammad Ali.
Original painting with textured background which include his quotes and lyrics combined with my own, building it up to a few verses:

"I've tussled with a whale,
I done handcuffed lighting
and put thunder in jail.

I've injured a stone
I've murdered a rock
and hospitalized a brick

I'm so bad I make medicine sick.

I've burnt fire
drowned water
came out fresh from the fryer.

Joes gonna be coming out smoking
but i aint joking
I'll be picking and poking
pouring water over his smoking

this might shock or amaze ya
but I'm gonna destroy Joe Frazer

all those people blinked at the moment

they missed it
it would be over before they know it".

Media: Spry paint on textured board.
Size: 62 x 77cm

If you're local to Manchester UK, and would like to view the art piece feel free to message me.